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A selection of aviation photos taken over the years by Paul Tomlin
Volume V1 - open Volume V2 - open Volume V3 - open Volume V4 - open
Volume V5 - open Volume V6 - open Volume V7 - open Volume V8 - open
Volume V9 - open Volume V10 - open Volume V11 - open Volume V12 - open
Volume V13 - open Volume V14 - open Volume V15 - open Volume V16 - open
Volume V17 - open Volume V18 - open Volume V19 - open Volume V20 - pending

Antonov AN-124 unloading Nimrod at Woodford - Volume V1 - open

Antonov AN-124 unloading Nimrod at Woodford - Volume V2 - open

A feature on the 2010 volcanic ash cloud shut down of Manchester Airport - pdf 43 MB - open

Aircraft Carrier HMS Prince of Wales leaving Liverpool 6th March 2020 - open


MERSEY SHIPPING (RRS Sir David Attenborough) - Volume V1 - open

(Fridtjof Nansen) - Volume V2 - open

(MSC Virtuosa) - Volume V3 - open

MERSEY SHIPPING (Borealis) - Volume V4 - open

MERSEY SHIPPING (general) - Volume V5 - open

MERSEY SHIPPING (Disney Magic) - Volume V6 - open

MERSEY SHIPPING (TUI Marella Explorer & RFA Fort Austin) - Volume V7 - open

MERSEY SHIPPING (Saga Spirit of Adventure) - Volume V8 - open

MERSEY SHIPPING (Celebrity Silhouette) - Volume V9 - pending

Aviation in Manchester - single pdf file : file size 103 MB - available on request

A short history booklet written by renowned Manchester historian Brian Robinson.
Brian traces the development of aviation in Manchester, beginning with the early aeronauts
who lifted off in their balloons, through to the arrival of Concorde, along with
associated notes on the RAeS and early aircraft manufacturing.

FLIGHT ONE and the TWIN PIONEER - single pdf file : file size 3.6 MB- open
Flight One operated the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer on aerial survey work around the UK.
This four page article featured in the June 1983 edition of Air Pictorial, and covers
the company's last season of Ordnance Survey work.
Three Score Years & Ten - single pdf file : file size 123 MB - available on request
Compiled by Peter Maher for The Lancashire Aero Club's 70th Anniversary in 1992.
Another very readable historical book, best read in conjunction with 'Aviation in Manchester' (above).
For historical reference, brochures & featured articles by Paul Tomlin - placed here


Manchester Airport monthly newspaper 'Planetalk'

Feature article - Key 103 Airship at Barton, Commonwealth Games 2002 - pdf 9 MB - open

Feature on the JMC Airlines A330 delivery and the visit of the Airbus A340-600 - pdf 11.5 MB - open

Article on the opening of the Imperial War Museum North - pdf 12 MB - open
for more photos also see www.edendale.co.uk/ANW/IWMN.1.html

Operation Christmas Child featuring the AN-124 - pdf 12 MB - open

Feature on introduction of British Midland Airbus A330 passenger schedules - pdf 21 MB - open

Number 613 City of Manchester Squadron memorial stone - pdf 8 MB - open

Round-the-World flight by Mainair Blade microlight and Robinson R44 helicopter - pdf 25 MB - open


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