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Reference works and articles for the historical record
Manchester Air & Space Museum quarterly magazine - on request
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Helvellyn Mountain Landing - file size 6 MB - open

A four page article which appeared in the December 2016 edition of Aeroplane Monthly. The feature followed from a suggestion put forward by Martin Cowburn to celebrate the 90th Anniversary. The
resultant article was in general a re-write from John Leeming's book 'Airdays', and incorporated
extracts from newspaper reports of the time. The narrative gives a flavour of the heroic nature
of the flight, made at a time when light aviation was in its infancy.

John Leeming, a prime mover in at the birth of general aviation and a founding father
of the Nation's aero club movement we know today, is often overlooked by historians,
due to their lack of knowledge and limited research into his life-time achievements.

Helvellyn Landing - file size 2.5 MB - open
A collection of notes and photographs relating to the Helvellyn Mountain landing by
John Leeming and Bert Hinkler. After two attempts the pair accomplished
a successful landing on December 22, 1926.
The Helvellyn story, abridged from 'Airdays' - file size 152 KB - open
Martin Cowburn is a past Chairman of the Lancashire Aero Club and
abridged this article from John Leeming's book 'Airdays', published in 1936.
Lost and Found at Woodford - file size 2 MB- open

Another short feature by Martin Cowburn about John Leeming and the early LAC
days at Woodford, published in The Moth Enterprise issue No.192 (March 2021).

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